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Highest Quality ADA Product Available

All of BuyMemorials.com's ADA/Wayfinding plaques are made from solid metal in order to provide a superior product that will not chip or crack like common acrylic and photopolymers. You can choose from base metal or other color selections, including up to 1200 dpi photographic images for the surface of your plaques. When combined with BuyMemorials.com's patent-pending ADA process that does not use loose beads for the Braille component or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings–the result is a breathtaking example of how effectively designed ADA plaques don't have to be a distraction from a project's overall beauty, but instead actually enhance it.


ADA / Wayfinding



Unlimited Design Options

  • Designs in any shape - same price
  • Submit any image for use in design
  • No chipping, cracking, or loose beads
  • One piece, all metal construction
  • Lifetime Guarantee

ADA / Wayfinding Plaque Features

  All Metal One Piece ConstructionAll Metal Construction
BuyMemorials.com ADA/Wayfinding plaques are made from one piece all metal construction. This means that the copy, braille, and emblem or design elements are all integral to the body of the plaque. Unlike photopolymer or other plastic wayfinding solutions, BuyMemorials.com's products will never chip, crack, have missing braille indicia or lettering. This makes for an extremely vandal resistant plaque.
  Full Color CapabilityFull Color Capability
BuyMemorials.com combines its experience in plaque manufacturing with high resolution, full color printing to deliver a product that is completely customizable for your application. Up to 1200 dpi resolution can be achieved through state of the art printing processes. The only limitations on design for these products is the quality of the image provided for reproduction.
  Custom ShapesCustom Shapes
A truly custom product should not be placed in a cookie cutter shape. BuyMemorials.com gives you the option to design not only the image and color of your wayfinding solutions, but also the overall shape of the individual plaques.
  Satin Metal FinishSatin Metal Finish
One of the main features that BuyMemorials.com can offer in its wayfinding plaques is the ability to have raised satin copy. This satin finish will vary depending on the base metal chosen by the customer for their application. This natural satin brushed raised copy allows for an extremely high end, classic appearance that can match elements of the decor or other architectural plaques used on the project. This effect is not possible when using plastics for the base material.
  Vandal Resistant Clear CoatVandal Resistant Clear Coat
Whether you have chosen a full color, metal finish, or single color wayfinding plaque from BuyMemorials.com–your product will be protected by a vandal resistant clear coat finish. This coating while not impregnable, will protect your plaques from most wear and tear found in normal environments.

ADA / Wayfinding Plaques - Architectural DepthCustom ADA Plaque

As with many laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which became law on July 26, 1993, created many questions about compliance. BuyMemorials.com manufacturing standards and quality control measures ensure that your ADA signage and markers comply with this act whether your ordering standard sizes or requesting custom-designed pieces that seamlessly blend into your location, not stick out from it. Color, design, shape – your choice is only limited by your imagination. And by choosing BuyMemorials.com's ADA-compliant signage, you will not only be "up to code," you will also help reduce the frustration individuals with disabilities have in trying to navigate throughout our society independently. At BuyMemorials.com, we are committed to making your ADA signage more user friendly for everyone, not just those with disabilities.

Notes: All BuyMemorials.com ADA plaques have raised characters 1/32" from sign face. The Grade 2 braille will also be raised 1/32", with perfectly round tops and separated 3/8" from corresponding text. Plaque design should allow for adequately contrasting foreground and background for compliant visibility per ADA regulations. All ADA plaques are coated standard with semigloss clear coat for maximum durability. The typestyle on all standard signs is usually Helvetica. Alternate type styles may be specified on custom ADA signs, but restrictions on styles do apply in meeting ADA specifications. The symbols depicted on BuyMemorials.com's ADA signs meet Department of Transportation standards.

All raised lettering, symbols and borders on standard ADA signs receive a brushed satin finish. The raised Grade 2 Braille is painted to match the background. Raised areas may be painted with a color that contrasts with the background color upon request.

Borders on standard ADA signs are 1/8" wide raised single lines with radius corners. Other borders styles and corners are available on custom ADA signs.

If they are not already, offices, medical facilities, schools, and government buildings are becoming ADA compliant. As more and more businesses and buildings comply with ADA policies, you will find that ADA-compliant signs must be installed in the proper location and conform to local regulations that often dictate interior sign requirements, such as maximum occupancy signs and evacuation maps.

When you consider a plaque's desired function, regulatory compliance issues, budget, and aesthetics; designing an attractive ADA-compliant plaque may seem like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be.

Even within these constraints, BuyMemorials.com's custom capabilities provide a flexible array of design possibilities. We welcome your custom designs for different colors, patterns, sizes and special features that can all be combined to create interior room identification signs that are functional and compliant, while coordinating attractively with interior finishes.



Stock ADA Architectural Plaques

BuyMemorials.com ADA directional signage offers beauty, style and compliance. Available in the standard 7" x 8.5" x .25" with a stipple or sand background, or in your own custom design.

Don’t let ADA signage requirements be an eyesore – order solid aluminum, bronze & brass ADA compliant plaques from BuyMemorials.com. Unlike other ADA compliant products – BuyMemorials.com’s patent pending process does not use loose beads for the braille component; or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings. Like all our plaques – they are perfect every time. (click to enlarge)

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ADA Accessible
ADA Stairway
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ADA / Wayfinding Applications

BuyMemorials.com full color Wayfinding Plaques Are Perfect For:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Government Buildings
  • Office Complexes
  • Schools & Universities
  • Parks & Rec. Centers
  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Zoos
  • Historic Sites
  • Theaters
  • Sports Complexes
  • Amusement Parks
  • Murals & Artwork
ADA Applications

ADA / Wayfinding Options

ADA Options