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Integrated Logos   Etched Emblems

Integrated Logos

BuyMemorials.com has the capability to add a custom emblem or logo to your plaque in two different ways; The plaque can be made with the emblem/logo as part of the plaque. Detail is somewhat limited by the manufacturing process. (free of charge)


Etched Emblems

The other method is to have the emblem/logo etched on a separate piece of metal and then attached to the plaque. This process has nearly no detail restrictions. However, additional charges will apply. (call for quote)

Large Return Plaques   Double Sided Plaque

Large Return Plaques

34" x 58" maximum.


Double Sided Plaques

26" x 50" maximum.


Rejuvenate Your Plaques

After years of exposure your plaque will show signs of aging. Bronze plaques will begin to patina, while aluminum plaques will lose their raw aluminum appearance and will begin to have an oxide skin on the surface of all exposed aluminum. If you would like to bring back to life your existing plaque with a fresh background coating with new brushed satin raised copy – BuyMemorials.com's rejuvenation program may be for you. Please call BuyMemorials.com and send us a photograph of your plaque's current state, because not all plaques can undergo this treatment. Typically, rejuvenation is 50% of the price of a new plaque, but may vary depending on plaque material, condition, age and origin of manufacture.

  Letter Styles

Letter Styles

Above are some of the most common typestyles seen on plaques today. You can choose from these or any standard BuyMemorials.com typestyle (click here). NOTE: Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style & Myriad can be made as small as 1/4" all upper case or 3/8" upper/lower case.


Military Seals

Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard & Merchant Marines. Brass seals add 10% to Bronze pricing. (click to enlarge)

Air Force
Coast Guard
Merchant Marines


Portrait Options

Bas Relief

Bas Relief

We start with a photograph. Although we can use almost any quality photograph, the better the image the better the modeling effort. Remember, the finished image will be an artists interpretation of this photograph. An image of this clay model is sent to you via email for your comments or approval. When approved, the clay model is used for the bronze and aluminum casting process. The bas relief is mechanically attached to the plaque background. Standard overall height of 6" to 9" with a finished depth of 3/4" to 1". (6 week lead time.) View Aluminum

Harris T Jones Bas Relief
Etched Photo


The etching process allows you to forever replicate your photograph, line drawing or complex artwork. This method utilizes a halftone dot pattern made from a 50-line screen. Halftone portraits resemble newspaper photographs, and have visible dot patterns. The etched, recessed dots are black ink filled to contrast with the satin finished metal background. The best photographs for halftone etched portraits have high contrast tones with bright white areas, dense black areas and minimal grey tones. Photos that are monotone or have muted colors will produce poor halftone etchings. Halftone etchings are available in stainless steel, bronze, brass & copper.

Harris T Jones Etched
Ceramic Insert

Oval, Round & Rectangular Ceramic Inserts

BuyMemorials.com’s ceramic inserts use a standard-sized blank as its base. A photograph is scanned at high resolution and a digital transfer is produced and applied to the blank. A clear glaze is applied over this transfer and the insert is fired in a kiln. Click here for complete list of sizes and shapes available. (6 week lead time.)

Harris T Jones Ceramic Insert
Flat Relief

Flat Relief

An alternative to the expense and time-consuming process of a bas-relief plaque, BuyMemorials.com’s Flat Relief plaques are able to reproduce a two-dimensional casting that is attached to an architectural or cast plaque. The process starts with a good quality photograph or illustration from which our craftsmen create a black and white rendering. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, they perfectly fit the bill when your project requires a portrait but the budget won’t allow for Bas-Relief. Call for quote.

Harris T Jones Flat Relief


A seamless blend of casting and photography, PhotoRelief™ is perfectly suited for unique signage, historical markers, or any plaque that tells a story with words and pictures. Through BuyMemorials.com's innovative technologies, we can use one photograph or several to create a simple and elegant plaque or a breathtaking collage that illustrates the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Harris T Jones Flat Relief